Recognizing Self-Sabotaging Patterns in Relationships Through Psychological Astrology Profiles [Online Class]


Hi, YQ here.

I was planning to write sales copy that hurt, that would persuade you to sign up for the online class.

But I found that manipulative. And we do not need that kind of bullshit in the current environment.

What I'll do is tell you honestly what we'll be covering in this 1.5 hour online class.

Using psychological astrology (PA) profiles, I will reveal the blocks to relationships--whether it is getting into one in the first place or staying in a relationship.

There are a total of 25 profiles and five of them relate to relationship and affects both genders. I'll be only speaking of these five profiles.

These barrier show up before you start a relationship and even during a relationship. Most of the time they happen subconsciously and until it is pointed out to you, you might not even know it!

There are three price options
- Just the class
- Online Class + Psychological Astrology (PA) Chart
- Online Class + PA Chart + 30 minutes Relationship Profile consultation (5 spots)

At first I planned to have just the last two options but I realized that some of you might just want to listen to the class and do not need the Psychological Astrology (PA) Chart.

That's why I'm offering the 'Just the class' option. (If you wish to top up for a Psychological Astrology (PA) Chart after the class--it'll be $20.)

Should I get the Psychological Astrology Chart option?

Honestly, you can sit through the class and apply the lessons to your life without the chart.

But with the chart, you'll be able to know (rather than guess) if you have the profile or not.

The Psychological Astrology Chart is manually plotted by me based on your birth chart, that's why I need time to work on it for you before the class. While an app is in the works (by my teacher), currently it's all manual.

This is an example of my own PA chart.

For the Psychological Astrology Chart, I will need your exact birth time, birth date and birth city.

(If you have done a paid astrological consultation with me, I'll have it stored somewhere so just ask me before selecting an option.)

What's in the 30-minute astrology consultation?

In the astrology consultation, I'll share your Relationship Profile (what you need in a partner) based on your birth chart.

This is the type of person you'll want to find while you're on the look out for a partner.

We could also work on your most stubborn Psychological Astrology block. Let's discuss before scheduling the consultation. The consultation will not cover any predictions as this require a lot of work before the consultation.

What's the difference between the PA chart and the astrology consultation?

The chart is just a chart. (As seen above) You'll still need an astrologer to explain how the chart actually plays out in your real life.

How will the class be conducted?

The class will be live on Zoom and will be recorded. All participants will get a recording of the workshop so don't worry if you cannot make it live.

This is not a "Manifest A Partner" class, but a more self-focused class.

Also, I am single. I understand the blocks I have and am working on myself too. We're on this journey together.

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Sun May 24, 2020
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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